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How to get your kids to the mall in the most epic ways: 8 pack

8 pack, the 8 pack is an award-winning app that helps parents keep their kids busy by offering them a series of challenging tasks.

Here are some of the things they might do with the app. 


Pick up a bunch of stuff to sell to a vendor.

In this case, the mom might go out and grab some things to sell at the local mall to buy items for her children.

She will have some freebies and a bunch in stock items.2.

Buy a new pair of shoes.

The app offers a list of shoes that you can buy from a vendor that are on sale. 


Pour out a bunch more cash for a purchase.

If you don’t have any cash left over for the purchase, the app lets you pick up money to spend at a vending machine.


Use a coupon.

A coupon can be a great way to get something for free.

Just make sure to include a coupon code, like “YOUGOH”, or “10% off”. 


Give your kids a toy.

Want your kids excited about a new toy?

Pick up a toy for them.

It can be any toy, like a Lego set, a toy you may have bought, or even a new book they are interested in. 6.

Go shopping.

You might also want to do some shopping at the mall.

You can pick up a free item from a mall vendor. 


Ask for a discount.

When the kids are in the store, ask for a 10% discount on their purchase.

They can choose to use this to pay for something else at the store.8.

Make a purchase with a friend.

Many kids are into shopping with friends.

If you have a friend who loves shopping, they will definitely love you for it.

Make your friend shop with you.


Start with a little gift.

Take out a little toy from your bag.

This might be a toy, a piece of paper, or some sort of object.

Then, make a purchase of the toy.10.

Purchase something from the store for the first time.

Sometimes, your kids might like a different product that you already have.

They might like to try a new brand of soda or ice cream, for example.

Make sure that you have some other stuff to buy, like clothing, food, or jewelry.


Shop online.

Online shopping is a great place to try something new and you can do this in your own home.


Get some free time.

If your kids are busy, they might want to play games, watch a movie, or have fun.


Try something different.

Even if you don.t have a toy to play with, you can play a game or make some new friends.


Share a shopping spree.

Once you have picked up a few items for your kids, you might decide to take them out for a shopping binge.

You will probably have a large shopping list that you want to share with your friends and family.

You can even do this on your own.

You may have some items that you would like to share.

You could use these to sell for a price.


Have fun.

You might want your kids and friends to get together and play some games.


Check out a different place.

With the apps you have downloaded, you may also have the ability to check out different places to try out new things.