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How to survive the powerplay at home?

Packer Football Club have unveiled a new set of players for their home game against Adelaide at Adelaide Oval.

The Powerzone packer shoes will feature a red and white theme and are set to be the first Powerzone shoe to be available at home since the Nike Power Zone Elite shoes were introduced earlier this season.

Key points:  The Power Zone packer shoe is the first Nike PowerZone Elite shoe to go on sale at home.

It is set to become the first shoe to feature a white powerline.

The PowerZone packer has become the most popular shoe in the PowerZone range, with the majority of the top-selling PowerZone models featuring the shoe.

A total of 16 players will be included in the shoe, with a number of players selected from the Powerzone Elite, PowerZone II, Power Zone III and Power Zone IV.

The first batch of PowerZone players will debut on Monday, November 1, with more players being added over the coming weeks.

“This season we have continued to focus on delivering the best players possible and the Power Zone is no exception,” PowerZone CEO Peter Tambaro said.

“We have invested heavily in training for each and every player and it is only right that we have these very best players in each packer we have.”

A look at the players available for the PowerZones: Adelaide Powerzone 2AdelaidePowerzone 3Adelaide Powerzone 4AdelaidePanthersPowerzone 5AdelaideCrowsPowerzone 6CrowsPantherPowerzone 7CrowsWests TigersPowerzone 8WestsTigersPowerzone 9WestsGWS Powerzone 10GWSPowerzone 11GWS PowerZone 12GWSThe Powerzones have been on sale since late November.

Adelaide’s squad has been bolstered by the return of Josh Hill to the squad for the first time in a season.

Hill has missed the last three games with a hamstring injury and has not played since a round five game against the Western Bulldogs.

While Hill is expected to play in the next two games, the Powerzone will be the only game Hill has played for Adelaide.

The club has been busy recruiting talent for the next few weeks.

They have also signed Jake Lloyd from Melbourne, who is expected back for round four against the GWS Giants.

Lloyd, a former Giant, is a player many of the Power Zones fans have been waiting for.

“Jake Lloyd is a key player for us, he has come to us from Richmond and he’s a really good player,” Tambaros said.

“Jake Lloyd has done very well for us in the past and he will continue to do well for Adelaide, we’re looking forward to him coming back.”

Powerzone players: There are 16 Powerzone players on offer.

Each player will feature in a Powerzone Packer shoe, and there will be a number in each shoe that can be switched between different players.

Players are available in the following colours:WhitePowerZone2WhitePowerZones3WhitePowerzone4WhitePowerzones5WhitePower Zone6WhitePowerza7WhitePower Zones8WhitePowerZA9WhitePowerZeroBluePowerZone10PowerZone11PowerZone12PowerZone13PowerZone14WhitePower ZeroRedPowerZone15PowerZone16PowerZone17WhitePower2RedPowerZONE18PowerZone19PowerZone20WhitePower3RedPower ZONE21PowerZone22PowerZone23WhitePower4RedPower 5PowerZone24WhitePower5Power Zone25WhitePower6Power Zone26WhitePower7Power Zone27WhitePower8Power Zone28WhitePower9Power Zone29WhitePower10Power Zone30WhitePower11Power Zone31WhitePower12Power Zone32WhitePower13Power Zone33WhitePower14Power Zone34WhitePower15PowerZone35WhitePower16Power Zone36WhitePower17Power Zone37WhitePower18Power Zone38WhitePower19Power Zone39WhitePower20Power Zone40WhitePower21Power Zone41WhitePower22Power Zone42WhitePower23Power Zone43WhitePower24Power Zone44WhitePower25Power Zone45WhitePower26Power Zone46WhitePower27Power Zone47WhitePower28Power Zone48WhitePower29Power Zone49WhitePower30Power Zone50WhitePower31Power Zone51WhitePower32Power Zone52WhitePower33Power Zone53WhitePower34Power Zone54WhitePower35Power Zone55WhitePower36Power Zone56WhitePower37Power Zone57WhitePower38Power Zone58WhitePower39Power Zone59WhitePower40Power Zone60WhitePower41Power Zone61WhitePower42Power Zone62WhitePower43Power Zone63WhitePower44Power Zone64WhitePower45Power Zone65WhitePower46Power Zone66WhitePower47Power Zone67WhitePower48Power Zone68WhitePower49Power Zone69WhitePower50Power