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3 pack restaurants have gone vegan with the help of Pikwik pack

3 pack places in Australia have been taking vegan meals as a way of helping them to keep up with the growing demand for vegan meals in the country.

The restaurant chain, which operates over 200 locations across Australia, has been experimenting with a vegan menu in an effort to reduce the amount of animal products on their menu.

“There’s been a lot of interest from customers over the last couple of years about having a vegetarian or vegan meal,” founder and owner, Paul Pritchard, told ABC News.

“It’s really important that we get the customers that want a plant-based meal, and that’s where the concept came from.”

We decided to go for a really simple vegan meal, with no animal products whatsoever.””

It has to be simple, and you can get that anywhere in the world.

“The concept of the Pikwik packs, which have already received rave reviews from customers, includes an array of plant-like ingredients such as broccoli, cauliflower, cauliflowers and carrots.”

If you look at the ingredients on the menu, they’re all plant-food,” Mr Pritcher said.”

So that was the big thing we were trying to do, is we really wanted to keep that simple, that the vegetables were all the same, but it’s also very tasty.

“Pikwik packs were introduced in 2017 in New Zealand and are now available in South Africa, Argentina and Mexico.

While some restaurants have been experimenting, others have not.”

You know we’ve only had a couple of restaurants in the United States that have taken it, but we’re not in any other countries,” Mr Rainsford said.

The vegan menu is a great way to make vegan meals even more accessible to a wider audience, he said.

However, it’s a challenge for some of the restaurant chains to keep it up, as they can only serve one vegan menu item at a time.”

They can’t go out and do three meals, or four, five or six different dishes, and not be able to sustainably feed everyone,” Mr Rhinesford said of some of his restaurant partners.”

The business model has changed over the years, but I think that it’s still the right thing to do.

“I think it’s going to be a good opportunity for us to grow our business.”

What we’re doing is not just going to help with the supply chain, but to provide a lot more options for people.

“Mr Pritchesons favourite vegan meal is the classic curry, which he says has a delicious flavour.”

A curry’s not just about flavour, but also about how much it’s healthy and nutritious and it’s got all the different ingredients in it,” he said.”

“We’ve tried a few things out with our curry, and it all worked, so I’m quite happy with it.”