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Adidas’ Fanny pack: Why it’s a ‘huge success’

The fanny packs, dubbed the Champion Pack and the Fanny Pack Plus, are back and they’re just as awesome.

The two packs feature two different colorways of the adidas Fanny, the iconic “black” and “white” colorways.

The adidas fannies have been a huge success, with both packs selling out in just two days.

But what makes them so popular?

Here’s what you need to know about the new packs.

The Adidas fandoms fanny.

adidas-branded fanny: “Black” and the white one.

The fanny’s basic silhouette is black with a white “fanny” trim.

The trim is just below the fanny itself and the upper is black leather, with a gold chain and gold detailing.

It features a mesh collar, a mesh front, a nylon cuffs, and a mesh zipper, and the two packs also feature mesh inserts for extra warmth and support.

The fannys also come in a variety of colors: gold, grey, orange, and white.

The Fanny Packs are available now through Zaxby and at the adios retail stores starting August 10.

If you want to see the Fannies in person, we’ve got you covered.