How to keep your dog’s paws warm on hot summer days

Jul 27, 2021 News

We all know how hot it is in Texas these days, and we’re all too familiar with heat exhaustion.

But sometimes dogs get stuck in the heat.

That’s when they start to sweat.

That can mean they have to go without their food and water and can even be dehydrated.

So how do you keep your pup warm on these hot days?

Here are a few tips to keep their paws warm:1.

Take the time to get your dog hydrated2.

Give your pup a hot water bottle if you don’t have a hot tub3.

Bring water bottles to cool them down4.

Take your pup to a dog park, zoo, or zoo-like facility to take the stress out of the heat5.

Use the dogs’ water bottle as a warming blanket6.

If your pup’s paws are still too hot, take them outside to get a bit of shade and dry their paws in the shade.7.

If you have a puppy, give them a leash to keep them out of trouble while they’re still in heat.8.

If there are any hot days coming up, give your pup water and food to drink until they’re all cooled down.9.

Put a lid on your water bottle to keep it from getting too hot.10.

If the heat is getting to your pup, take your pup outside to cool down, or keep them in the shelter for a few minutes.11.

Take a few pictures of your pup when they’re cold, and post them on social media to show everyone what a great dog they are.

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