How to add an extra pack of fanny packs to your Apple Watch

Oct 8, 2021 Advertising

By now, we’ve all seen how Apple Watch’s battery life has been improved.

But the company hasn’t yet revealed exactly how, and what it means for you as a user.

Here’s how to add a few more fanny items to your watch.

If you’re a casual user of your Apple Watches, you may be wondering why you’re getting a battery pack every week, and why the Apple Watch doesn’t include the same battery pack that comes in the Apple iPad Air or Apple Watch Series 3.

The answer is because the battery pack Apple uses is different to the one used by other watch manufacturers.

For example, the Samsung Watch Series 4 uses the same type of battery as the Apple watch.

Apple is planning to add new battery types in the near future, but for now, it’s simply adding battery packs to the watch that are smaller than what’s available in other Apple Wathes.

The most notable new addition will be an extra 100mAh battery pack for the Apple Watchers with the Apple Power Bank and Power Reserve.

Apple also plans to add more battery packs for other Apple Watch models, including the Apple Flex, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition.

As of now, Apple has only announced the battery packs that will be included in the watch’s battery.

It’s unclear when those will arrive in the wild, but we’ve reached out to Apple for more information.

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