Pokemon Card Packs: Card Packs to be released by Nintendo and other partners, including Pokemon Trainer Pack

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By Mario Pasquale and Roberta RamptonSource ReutersShare this article SharePokemon Trainer Pack – Pokemon Trainer Set will include the following Pokemon:ArbokBlazikenBulbasaurBellsproutDiglettEkansGengarGyaradosGengarsHaunterInkayJigglypuffKabutoKecleonKoffingLileepLileepsMoltresMagmortarMachampMagnetonMankeyMisdreavusPorygon Porygon2PsyduckRaichuSandshrewScizorSnorlaxSkarmoryTangelaTyrogueVenusaurWalreinWobbuffetWoodlegsThe Pokemon Trainer Card Pack will include all Pokemon available in the game (except for the aforementioned non-promo ones).

There will also be an additional set of Pokemon to be added to the game as downloadable content, including two more Pokemon that haven’t been seen in the Pokemon games before.

There’s also the option to have your Pokemon’s design appear on a sticker or poster in the form of a Pokemon figurine.

Nintendo will also offer a Pokemon Trainer pack to Pokemon fans at the end of April for the Nintendo Switch, along with Pokemon Trainer Packs for Nintendo 3DS and Pokemon Trainer Sets for the Wii U. The Pokemon Pokemon Trainer packs are not limited to the two new sets, though.

Nintendo also plans to offer a free Pokemon Trainer set for those who own Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the latter of which was released last year for the DS.

Nintendo plans to release more Pokemon Trainer sets for the 3DS family later this year.

The Pokemon trainer packs are available for $4.99 (roughly £3.49) on Nintendo eShop, with Nintendo 3ds and Pokemon Master Collection players receiving a $5.99 ($7.99) package, according to a Nintendo rep.

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