Which memes will you see when the new season of The Simpsons starts?

Sep 13, 2021 News

The new season will be the most controversial to premiere, with some fans calling it the first season to be less violent than previous seasons.

“They’re making it worse.

The Simpsons is a show about racism and misogyny and how much we’re in the grips of racism and sexism, but I think the biggest thing that I think has gone wrong is the way that they’ve made this show, and the fact that the characters have gone from one side of the house to the other,” co-creator Matt Groening said.”

They’ve made it into a game, and it’s not a game that you want to play, and so I think they’ve done a terrible job at it.”

Groening said the show would not be the first Simpsons to get darker in a new season, and that he did not want to offend viewers by saying it was the first.

“It’s not really that we’ve done anything to offend anybody, it’s just that we have done something different,” he said.

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