‘Punishment is justice’: Parents say parents should be allowed to carry guns at school

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Posted February 05, 2019 16:06:46 A NSW mother says her children have been banned from carrying guns at their school because of a policy which prevents parents from openly carrying guns.

The NSW Government says gun ownership is part of the “purity culture” and the parents are being told to be quiet about guns at the school.

In response, parents are saying they should be able to carry firearms.

The Government is looking into the issue, which has been described as a “disgrace” and a “mistake”.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has previously described the policy as a mistake.

“Parents and teachers have a responsibility to uphold a responsible, safe environment for their children,” she said.

“In NSW, it is not acceptable for children to be in a classroom with guns and other weapons, especially when they are not supervised.”

It is also not acceptable to have firearms in classrooms with children who are not licensed or supervised.

Parents and teachers can discuss these matters privately and respectfully,” she wrote in a letter. “

The policy is an oversight and is being reconsidered to address any concerns.

Parents and teachers can discuss these matters privately and respectfully,” she wrote in a letter.

NSW Police have issued a statement saying it was investigating the issue and had received “reports of a situation” involving guns at a school.

Ms Berejsioni said the issue was a “miscommunication” and would be addressed.

“We are working to resolve this matter with the parent who brought the complaint,” she added.

NSW Education Minister Michael McCormack said the school was in discussions with parents.

“While we cannot say at this time what specific measures will be implemented at the time, we do know the school will have to change its policies to ensure all students are safe and the safety of all teachers and staff is protected,” he said.

NSW Premier Kristina Keneally has said it is “disappointing” parents are able to openly carry guns, but there should be “more room for children”.

The Premier said parents have been given “greater freedom” to bring guns into the classroom.

“I have asked my Premier to make sure we have the best, most responsible, secure environment for all of our children and teachers to be able do what they do,” she told the ABC.

Ms Kenealy said parents should not be “victimised” by policies which she said were “out of step with the times”.

“This is not the world we live in,” she says.

Ms McCormack also said schools would be given the opportunity to change their policy to address concerns raised by parents.

Parents say they have been told not to bring firearms to schools.

“There has been an absolute lack of understanding of the seriousness of the policy, what it is doing and what it means,” one parent said.

A spokesman for NSW Police said officers were currently investigating.

“At this time NSW Police is investigating an allegation that a firearm was unlawfully carried into a public school, a policy that has been in place since the late 1990s,” he told the Nine Network.

“It is not clear how this incident occurred or what the consequences are.”

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