‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ trailer drops, trailer promises more than new episodes

Aug 9, 2021 Advertising

STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI trailer dropped, teaser promises more content than the next instalment.

In a teaser video, an unknown person or group of people are shown entering a space station and walking around.

The person who enters the space station has a large, glowing red, glowing green and purple object in his hand.

It is a green stick with an orange face, the shape of a Star Wars: Millennium Falcon and a red lightsaber.

The person who walks around the space pad in the video is seen looking into a computer screen.

“There’s something wrong here.

It’s just the right amount of wrongness,” the voice says, before a series of scenes showing various people on the space ship, one of whom looks down into the space.

This is followed by the video’s subtitle, which says: “Here’s what’s new and exciting in Star Wars The Last Jedi.”

In a statement to IGN, Lucasfilm said: “Star Wars The Force Awakens” is an epic, action-packed epic with a story that is full of heart, and a universe that has been waiting for this moment for years.

“StarWarsTheForceAwakens” is the culmination of all of that excitement, and fans will finally be able to get the first look at the new trilogy of movies coming to theaters this year.

“In addition to the teaser, Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy posted a video on Twitter on Sunday, which showed a new shot of Kylo Ren, the character featured in the teaser video.

The teaser was made possible by the Disney Infinity 3.0 toy line, which is also available for pre-order for $39.99.

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